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You've decided to take action. How do you get out of a relationship crisis? How do you get rid of the feeling that something's not right? How do you maintain a long-term relationship? How do you move forward together after a divorce? Relationship coaching with Ira focuses on how such relationship problems can be tackled, not why they exist. Placing the blame on your partner or the situation doesn't solve anything. Reacting differently to your partner or environment does. People who have completed a coaching trajectory with me are not only stronger in their relationships, but also in their lives. My approach is innovative and delivers proven, long-term results. I adjust to every phase of your relationship, with one condition: your absolute commitment without any reservation. 

To be willing is everything. 


The intensive coaching programmes are completely shaped to your unique situation. A serious, unconditional effort is required on your part to achieve the very best results. If your partner is not ready (yet), you can start on your own. Even by taking the step on your own you can bring about change.

​​I always tailor my work to the client’s specific situation; no matter what problems there are in love, I can help find solutions. See below for the most common routes.


An intensive trajectory to regain control over your relationship before separation becomes inevitable.

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Counselling for people who have decided to get divorced, are divorced or who have to go forward as a single parent.

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Targeted problem solving for people who want to become stronger in their relationship or family.

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Individual coaching for singles or single parents. Learn how to create your future love life the way you want it to be.


In one session you will get practical help to make the right decision. Without doubt, without regret.

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Face the future hand-in-hand. Discover all the benefits to keep your relationship strong and solve problems in the long term.

Whatever you're struggling with, I'm here to help you achieve your goals. Please contact me for more information.

Whatever problems there are in your relationship, I can help you find solutions.

What I do


It quickly became a lot more fun. It was good that we spoke individually. You are confronted with yourself and realize that you always have a choice. The problems seemed unsolvable and I didn't think everything could become so clear. 


I've come to know Ira as a very committed and pleasant relationship coach. In the in-depth conversations it was like she held up a mirror to me. This helped me get back to the core of myself and my love affair. I am very grateful to her for that.


Wat zeggen cliënten


The sessions are part of an intensive coaching process, with a large number of home assignments and personal contact with me in between. You can’t change behaviour in conversations of one hour a week. You have to work at it intensively to achieve the best possible and lasting results. That is why I ask for your absolute commitment without any reservation. To be willing is everything! 


During our first phone call, we discuss your situation and I ask you questions in order to get a clear picture of your status. If I find that I can help you, we will make an appointment for an intake interview


If we decide to continue after the first conversation, there will be an intake session. The meeting takes two hours and costs €250.00 excl. btw. If you decide to start a programme after the intake interview, you will only pay the costs of the course.


After the preliminary interview, both parties are given a day to decide whether or not to enter into the process. I work through a thorough plan of action, tailored to each unique situation. In most cases, we go through four steps:


We analyze the situation and determine where you stand now.


We change destructive behaviour into constructive behaviour and build a solid foundation.


You know how to keep the foundation of your relationship strong, build it together and maintain it.


An evaluation takes place six months after completion of the sessions.


Because no situation is the same, the coaching trajectory can differ in cost and time. After the intake I will give you an estimate of the number of sessions and an overview of the costs. You can pay in two instalments, the first at the start and the second halfway through the programme. Sessions last one and a half hours and take place at my practice or they can be held on location or via the internet.

How it works


I was seventeen when I was told my parents were getting divorced. I had a lot of questions, but I didn't get any answers. How can a family fall apart in front of you? That question would haunt me for years.

My Story


Tips & thoughts about relationships and life improvement.

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Whatever you struggle with, I'm here to help you achieve your goals. Please contact me for more information.



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