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Trusted Relationship Counselor

I was seventeen when I was told my parents were getting divorced. I had a lot of questions, but I didn't get any answers. How can a family fall apart in front of you? That question would haunt me for years.

I researched the question during my years as a physical education teacher, where I was a mentor and point of contact for students with family problems. I analyzed the question during my police training and research on street gangs in the U.S., where I watched relationships, marriages, and families fall apart relentlessly. I also researched the question in my police work with problematic youth groups. I collected answers. I was able to point people in the right direction, which gave me more satisfaction than teaching or my other police work.

​In 2010 I gave up my career in the police force for a psychology degree at Leiden University. I aimed to develop myself as a relationship coach. All the experiences that have shaped me and my life have allowed me to relate to complex family and relationship situations. As a mother, stepmother, wife, ex, child of divorced parents and professional coach, I have many valuable answers for you to find happiness and success in your relationship and life. 

What can you expect from me?


In my practice (since 2015) I guide people who have become stuck in their love life for all kinds of reasons, and I help them build loving and healthy relationships. Unlike most relationship therapists or coaches, I have chosen to focus on the 'how' question; how do we solve the problems? Why the problems arose is interesting to know, but it doesn't solve anything. By working as I do I have been, and am, able to save relationships and/or bring them to a higher level.

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